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Confusing terminology

Internet can be pretty confusing sometimes. Be aware of:

Angles. Angle values like "20 degrees" could be "inclusive" or could be "per side". Authors often don't mention which one they meant. And some authors can use both "inclusive" and "per side" in the same video, creating more confusion.

DPS vs Inclusive

"Inclusive angle" is from one side of edge to other side of edge. "Degrees per side" means angle from central line. All angles on our website are DPS (Degrees Per Side).

Western knives (regular kitchen knives) have edge usually 20° per side (40° inclusive). Japanese knives usually have 12° per side (24° inclusive).

To be exact about angles, please read Tutorial about Bevel and Micro-Bevel.

Sharpening steel. It is not actually sharpening steel, it is a honing rod. It doesn't sharpen bevel, it only can touch up the micro bevel.
Be aware that sharpening steel cannot make dull knife sharp. Never. Sharpening steel has different purpose - you can take already sharp knife and make it super sharp. Sharpening steel is great to maintain super sharpness.

Main bevel. Primary bevel. Secondary bevel. Different websites may mix these terms. Watch pictures on websites to be sure what do they mean. We use words "Bevel" and "Micro bevel" to avoid any confusion.

Mirror edge. Edge that is polished to mirror quality looks awesome and cuts awesome. But it is only good for razors and knife collectors. Practical edge should be little toothy to bite, should be durable and should be easy to maintain. See Extreme Sharpness vs. Practical Sharpness.

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